Young Cleopatra - Feature Film

'Young Cleopatra' is the first of a number of fast paced, glamorous, exotic films designed for a family audience.

Growing up in Alexandria as a royal princess, daughter of the Pharaoh, young Cleopatra's enchanted existence comes to an abrupt end when her father is overthrown in a coup by her sister.  

Cleopatra's own life is threatened and her only hope of survival is to escape the palace and evade her evil sister. Hiding out in the dark and foreboding labyrinthine secret tunnels that run under the palace complex, Cleopatra is confronted with perilous challenges her life as a princess has not prepared her for.

A strange and frightening sorceress who seems to haunt the tunnels below the palace appears to her, bringing mystical warnings, clues and prophecies.

Cleopatra enlists the help of Mark Anthony, a young Roman officer assigned to Egypt. For a price, he can raise an army to help bring her father back to the throne. Try as she might, the young Cleopatra finds it hard to resist his rugged good looks and boyish charm.   

Cleopatra's journey for survival now becomes an odyssey of discovery and transformation, as she heeds the old sorceress's warning and goes to the great temple of the goddess Isis.  

Young Cleopatra, Princess of Egypt fights for her life, discovers love, and emerges as a goddess - one of the truly immortal figures of history, in a classic tale of adventure and escape set in a land of ancient mystery.


Blood Red Rose
Blood Red Rose - Feature Film

In 1929 China was a time and place when change was erupting, where old and new worlds collided in the awesome, tumultuous Long March.

KATE RICHMOND, a beautiful young American doctor, a missionary's daughter, returns home to China amid its revolutionary upheaval to work at her parent's Medical Clinic in Shanghai. Kate is unwittingly drawn into the civil turmoil then enveloping Shanghai when Chinese friends secretly bring her a seriously wounded American civilian named Thomas Blake, whom she knows has a reputation as a soldier of fortune, and ladies man.

Blake's been running guns for her Chinese friends, who are members of the soon-to-be outlawed Communist Party. Kate falls deeply in love with him while nursing him back to health. However, their affair ends abruptly when armored cars that Blake is supposed to supply to the Communists fall instead into the hands of General Yang Ho, Chiang Kai-shek's brutal Chief of Intelligence, who uses them to massacre hundreds of Communists on the streets of Shanghai.

Convinced that Blake has betrayed the Communists, Kate abandons him and, subsequently, meets and falls in love with SHEN SUN LUNG, the dynamic leader of the Communist revolutionaries. Together, they travel across China as part of The Long March, fighting the enemy in violent and bloody battles until the war is won and the People's Republic of China is proclaimed.

Caught in the web of a passionately divided China, Kate is swept along in its all-consuming path, “Blood Red Rose” being a glorious tapestry of magnificent love and exquisite betrayal.

An epic story of people - a place - and a time.


Dekadenz - Television series

Berlin, 'The Golden Twenties'. A city of extremes where absolutely anything goes. Still shell-shocked by the immense bloodletting of WWI, everyone hungers for excitement.

For all its glamour and cosmopolitan flair, Berlin is a beauty that teases many, but satisfies few. Berlin is a mecca of novelty and decadence, a magnet for thrill-seekers from America and Britain.

Berlin's antiquated police force is faced with the brutal birth of modern crime.

Our extraordinary story is told through the eyes of Anna Hoffman, a strikingly beautiful young female detective who embodies a hallmark of the 1920''s: the rise of young women in society. Anna, a strict Catholic, confronts this corrupt world every day.

However, her biggest moral confrontation is with her own feelings towards fellow detective, Anton Wolff. At first, she appalled by his overt bi-sexuality but as work pushes them together she becomes even more attracted and conflicted; beneath Anna''s Catholic rigidness is a wild, free spirit, which promises a strikingly new and honest love affair.

This relationship, at times romantic, often confrontational as well as amusing, is the 'engine' that drives the emotional heart of "DEKADENZ".


Gallico's novel
The Boy Who Invented the Bubble Gun - Feature Film

Based on the novel by Paul Gallico ('The Poseidon Adventure', 'The Snow Goose'), 'Bubble Gun' is Gallico at his best - with writing full of brilliant observations of the human condition and an abundance of wry humour.

A young boy, neglected by his wealthy father, takes a bus from Seattle to Washington DC to patent his seemingly harmless invention - a gun that shoots bubbles.

t in 1974, it is redolent of a time when the United States was in a great period of change. The Presidency, the Vietnam war, the music, a new social fluidity - all are reflected in this touching story of a boy and a young man, each on his own quest to find their rightful place in the world.

An adventure thriller, with lots of jeopardy, all set against the backdrop year of America’s historic identity crisis. It will be a suspenseful, thrilling, roller-coaster adventure tale, with lots of big laughs, and have the makings of a fun filled family entertainment movie with all the trimmings.

We are currently seeking Canadian co-producers.

Whatever Love Is - Feature Film

In the tradition of 'The Full Monty', 'Whatever Love Is' is a hilarious comedy based on the hit British stage play of the same title. Written by Dave Simpson, the show was a huge hit and toured the UK for more than three years to an audience of over a million happy customers.

The film will benefit from a very high profile when it hits the screen in the UK - If only the people who saw the show see the movie with a friend, the film will recoup and make a profit from the UK alone. The team behind the film are experienced, and include past presidents of both production and distribution of major Hollywood Studios.
We expect to go into production early next year.

During a boisterous and revealing 'hen' night we learn that men aren't the only ones who can have fun. As the night wears on, each girl is forced to examine their own relationship with the opposite sex. Their feelings are revealed as bare as the boys’ bodies - will their lives ever be the same again? It's the story of four women and their men, as poignant and touching as it’s funny and outrageous!


A Taste of Shakespeare - Educational Series

An introduction to some of Shakespeare's favourite plays, adapted by Lord Birkett. Well known scenes from some of his most popular plays are rehearsed, performed and discussed by the students from some of London’s best drama schools:


Produced and directed by Jeffrey Taylor at the Globe Theatre, by the banks of London’s river Thames, each programme is hosted by Michael Birkett, from the original site of Shakespeare's very first acting venue. The first sixteen shows have been completed and are now in postproduction.


The Girl On A Bicycle, The Kathleen Kennedy Story - Telefilm

Written by David Butler, 'Girl on a Bicycle' is the untold story of Kathleen, favourite daughter of Senator Joe Kennedy.

Her doomed romance with Billy Hartington, the dashing young protestant aristocrat and heir to the largest estate in Great Britain. Surrounded by glamour and extreme wealth, it was the courageousness of her decision to follow her heart, rather than her upbringing and society protocol that won the day. Set against a time when private lives and human passions were dominated by the force of external events.

The telefim has the potential to be an 'event' type show, with a very starry cast - there are lots of wonderful co-starring roles, as well as the three young attractive leads.


What's Cooking? - Television Series

Stagescreen’s film 'What's Cooking?' distributed by Lionsgate Entertainment is now the launching pad for the television series.

In the movie, we examined families just like your own - three generations coping with each other, and the trauma of a major American holiday. They all had different cultural perspectives but ALL were very American, very familiar, and non-PC. It was also a look at how families are changing and taking new shape.

In the series being developed by a major American cable television company we follow the every day lives of women, who not only run a home and family, but also have a job.

We move from the home to the work place and back again,examining Los Angels as it really is, an opportunity to see truthful side of the city of angels - four families with women very much at the helm. This is the engine that drives our story.


Private View - Feature Film

Peter Nichols is one of England's most distinguished writers for both stage and screen. His credits include 'National health', 'A Day In The Death Of Joe Egg', and 'Georgie Girl'.

Based on his stage hit in both London and Broadway, 'Private View' is about a married couple and their fantasy alter egos and how they survive brushes with infidelity. It’s a savage view of marriage and adultery in all its permutations and complications.

It’s also very funny, similar in tone to the highly successful film 'American Beauty' and we believe the quality of the finished screenplay together with Peter Nichols' name, will attract some rather special talent to the film.


The Great Svengali - Theatre

A play with music, and based on the tale of Svengali and Trilby, 'The Great Svengali' takes place at a newly renovated Ramada Inn, Annex Lounge, Bar and Grill, downtown USA. The Book, music and lyrics are by Bradford Craig.

Marvin is a middle-aged and bitter wanna-be-singer. He is billed as 'The Great Svengali'. Each night while performing his act, he hypnotises volunteers from the lounge show audience (the actual theatre audience) where he claims to be able to take away your troubles, bad habits and/or phobias.

From the audience comes Candi an attractive nineteen year old, who believes she cannot sing a note. By the end of the evening however, Marvin has convinced both her and the entire audience that she has a voice that will thrill all who are lucky enough to hear her.


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